Boys only want to have fun

Recently the Better Sex Guide have been receiving a lot of emails from gents who would like to date London escorts. It turns out that London escorts now have such a good name that many gents travel from abroad to meet the ladies. These week we are going to do a special series for foreign gents who would like to date in London especially if the girls are from

We will try to do our best to explain about the different areas of London, and where you can find the best escorts services to comfortably fit in with your plans and your budget. Gents are also confused about accommodation in London, and seems to think that all hotels are very expensive. Yes, there are some inner city hotels that are very expensive, but they are also areas which offer more cost effective accommodation. Don’t worry boys, you can find escorts there as well as not all London escorts work in Mayfair.

Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf is probably one of the busiest areas of London, but you will find that a lot of accommodation in this part of time is a bit cheaper. Yes, you will find some more exclusive and expensive hotels, but at the same time you will find budget hotels such as Premier Inns. The best way to book a stay in a Premier Inn is to use their Internet booking service. Please be aware that the Premier Inn chain focus on providing family accommodation, so please don’t tell them that the reason for your visit is to party. Tell them that you are visiting London on business and just say that you work for a major company.

London Escorts
Sexy London Escorts

You will also find a lot of apartments available for short term let in Canary Wharf. If you are planning to party a bit, it might be a good idea to consider arranging a stay in one of this apartments instead. Many more exclusive apartment have concierge services, so if you want to avoid having problems, perhaps you should avoid one of those.

However, a quick search for apartments in Canary Wharf London will offer a hue amount of search results. Whilst you are taking a look try to check out local bars and clubs as well. You will find a bewildering amount of bars and clubs in this part of town, and this is why it is such a good idea to arrange dates with London escorts. London escorts will know which bars and clubs are the best for your needs, and will be able to guide through your leisure time in London.

An other area which also offers a lot of good accommodation is the East End of London. The East End of London is not longer run down, and many of the old Pie and Mash shops have been replaced by trendy bars and cool places to go. This is another alternative to a gentleman’s weekend in London.

London is a great place to visit for your stag do or just boys away weekend. It does take a little bit of smart planning, but I am sure that you will be more than happy with your weekend in London.