Dating London escorts is about offering a personal service


Some days at London escorts I find it hard to get my head around things. The London dating game is changing so quickly. In the last couple of months I have been meeting gents at London escorts who think that a relationship on line is just as valid as a relationship in real life. I am afraid that I do not agree with that at all. There is no way that you can relate a cyberspace relationship to an actual physical one. Where the idea has come from I don’t even know.


Can you snuggle in bed with your cyberspace friend? Once you start thinking about it, you soon learn how important physical contact can be to another person. I would say that most of the gents that I meet at London escorts miss physical contact in their lives and that is why they date a London escort of To me, physical contact is the number one ingredient for a physical relationship and a happy relationship.


But, there are a lot of more factors to be taken into consideration as well. We all like to have a chat to somebody on a personal basis. We enquire about simple things such as their health and ask if they would like a coffee. At first we may not think that these things mean a lot but they really do. When I I have date with agent at London escorts I often ask him if he is okay. Once I get to know him a bit better, I feel that I am comfortable to ask other questions. In other words, I form relationships with my gents at London escorts.


Can you do all of those things in cyberspace? I would say that you can’t do that at all. The human touch is really important to us and you can never really experience that through touch gloves. Many of the leading London escort agencies do use web cam facilities as a back up service, but as far as I know, none of them have replaced the actual London escort agency service with cyber girls completely. Personally I also keep in touch with gents that I have met at London escorts by email or text, but I still meet up with them when they visit London.


Dating London escorts is about offering a personal service and forming relationships. Lots of the girls who join London escorts think it is not about that at all, but it is. You get to meet some gents who really like you, and it could be that you get to know that person on a more personal basis. That works out well for both of you, and can be both mentally and physically satisfying. No, you cannot do that in on line. When I stop and think about it, I don’t think that I would get turned on by an on line so called relationship at all. In my book, you may as well watch the TV and have a make believe conversation with the presenter.