Enjoy The View- Sexy Wallpapers

Phones have all kinds of wallpapers, and sure- you could put a picture as your phone’s wallpaper. But what’s the fun in that? If you have a Smartphone; why aren’t you utilizing all the possibilities out there and getting yourself the best wallpapers really make you happy, that you really enjoy and have a good time looking at. The pictures on your phone can be anything at all that you’ve imagined- big breasts, small breasts, full frontal, voyeur- even racially or socially- you can find literally anything you want to be your wall paper simply and easily; and you’ll never get anything done because you’ll be staring at your phone all the time.

If you’re interested in any kind of sexy wallpaper, with nice supple breasts and a tight butt that really gets you going- you need to know how you’re going to put it up so that you enjoy it and how to make the absolute best quality picture you can so that it doesn’t come out all pixilated in the process and so that it isn’t blurry, you have to understand the best ways to download pictures to set up.

1. Android Phones-

Find the Picture that you really want, and you’re going to press and hold on the picture to bring up a micro menu that has all kinds of options, you’ll want to choose the one that says “Set as Wallpaper”. There’s a good chance you’re going to want to crop it; so feel free to save the image and go to your gallery and choose the picture and size it however you want to fit the screen.

2. iOS Phones

Like with Android phones, you have to download the image if you’re going to want to crop it. Then you’re going to go to your home screen, tap settings, and select wallpapers and brightness; the options are Apple Wallpapers, Camera Roll, or My Panorama, all you have to do is select your picture and size it on the screen.

3. Window’s Phone

You can’t really put the phone as the background, windows won’t allow it, but you can set it up as the lock-screen; which is almost as good. The first step is to open up your settings tab, and select your lock settings, then find and change your background; it’s as easy as that to get your sexy wallpapers fast and easily.

When you need something good to look at when you’re opening up your phone- don’t hesitate to find a free, downloadable image on the internet and save it to your phone, crop and set it on the screen. You might not necessarily have every single option that you might need or want; but it’s definitely better than nothing, or being stuck with the pre-loaded screens from the manufacturer.