He excites me even though he is gay

I have this really lovely friend called Paul. We have been friends for ages and I love to spend time with him. Paul is gay and even goes off to London to appear in drag shows. Normally gay guys don’t excite me at all, but for some reason, Paul really manages to excite me. He does not turn me on, but he does get me a bit excited. I know that it sounds crazy but I think it is because he is so different from the guys that I date at the best Berkshire escorts.

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It is really because of Paul that I feel that I don’t need to be in a relationship at all. Most of the girls here at Berkshire escorts do have boyfriends but I spend all of my time with Paul. We have kind of become a double act as he likes to say and we get along great. Berkshire escorts is not an issue for him and I don’t worry one bit that he likes to appear in drag shows. As matter of fact, I find it really exciting.

When I am not too busy at Berkshire escorts, I do go off to London with Paul. His mum and dad used to live there and left a home when they died. It is one of those tall London terrace houses and it has been divided into flats. Paul and I stay in one and the other two are rented out so Paul has an income. When I look at Paul, I find it really hard to believe that he is 58 years old. He has tons of energy and I guess it is one of the reasons that I feel so good when I am around him.

We don’t always hung out at Madame Jo’s Jo’s and places like that. Sometimes we go shopping and do many other things together. Our tastes are so similar that I found it hard to believe. The girls at Berkshire escorts say that we make the most perfect couple ever and I am beginning to believe them. When I look at Paul, I think that he would make the most perfect dad ever. He has this very special way with kids and I love him for it.

The only things is that this is a totally known sexual relationship. I would like to talk to Paul about changing the unspoken terms of our relationship, but I am afraid to upset him. My friends who know him well say that he would not be upset but probably delighted. I am attracted to him as the girls at Berkshire escorts know but it is a strange attraction. I can’t really put my finger on it, but it is there. What do you call it when you can’t stop looking at someone? Would that be a case of worship or infatuation? I am not sure that I will ever get to the bottom of things, but I think that I truly love this man.