Hot wall paper apps

One of my dates at charlotte action escorts is really into designing and producing his own apps. He is kind of a cool guy, and a bit different from the run of the mill guys that I meet every day at charlotte action escorts. I like him because he is a lot more adventurous than most of my other dates, and I also like the fact that he is kind of playful. He does not want to sit around and talk. So many of the dates that I have are a bit senior, so it is nice to date a young guy.

Before I joined London escorts, I was a glamour model, and Peter, the young guy I date, have picked up on that. One day when we met at London escorts, he asked me if I could would help him to create an app. It was going to be wall paper with hot images, and he wanted to me to pose for them. At first, I was a bit taken back. After all, I had left my glamour model career behind when I joined London escorts, and I wasn’t really sure that I wanted to pose for the camera again.

However, Peter soon talked me into, and promised to share the profits with me. At first, when he started to photograph me, I felt a bit out of balance, but I soon got back into the swing of things. I suppose that working for charlotte action escorts had kept me looking rather good, and I enjoyed being in front of the camera again. In the end, he ended up with lots of photos, and in the final one I wore my very skimpy London escorts t-shirt and it looked really hot.

A little while later, Peter phoned me up to say that the app was ready, and tons of people were already downloading it. I suppose I had thought I would make a few pennies out of it, but in the first month, the sales of the app had exceeded my income from charlotte action escorts. It was really exciting and I told Peter to design a few more app ideas. I wanted to be one of the few London escorts to corner the app mobile wall paper market. The girls thought I was nuts, and that it was a one off thing, but the truth turned out to be different.

Now, Peter and I have designed several apps. Yes, I am still working for charlotte action escorts, but I am also enjoying a nice second income from all of my apps. I love it, and Peter and I are having lots of fun creating all of these rather saucy apps together. Some of them are a bit close to the mark, but we are making money so I don’t really care. Funnily enough, most downloads are from the United States. I wonder if any of my American gents have spotted me in the apps, and are enjoying my company away from London escorts services.