Hypothetically what if you have fallen out for your husband

I have actually fallen out of love with my partner. He works away a lot, and we rarely see each other. It seems like we are never together and now I have actually started to feel lonely. At first, I thought it was going to be okay, but now since the children have grown up, I realize that I need someone in my life on an everyday basis.

We all change a little bit every day, and I do not feel that I have anybody to share my life experience with at the moment. It is strange, but I do wonder if you can actually be lonely in a marriage. I feel completely abandoned and long for the day I will have some companionship. I think that I have realized    that companionship is just as important as life. The problem is that I do not have a companion, and the companion I should have is, many miles away. read more at https://charlotteaction.org/bracknell-escorts Bracknell Escorts agency

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There are days in my life when I wonder if I have actually fallen out of love. My partner and I appear to be spending an increasing amount of time apart, and I cannot really say that I get delighted when he tells me that he is coming home. Recently, an old love interest appeared in my life and we went out for a couple of lunches after reconnecting, It felt really good and appreciated the time that he spent together with me. I had forgotten how good is presence could feel, and all of the nice times that we had together. In a way, it very much felt like we were rekindling a romance

After a couple of lunches, it became a guilty pleasure and I even felt myself longing for his touch. I understood that if I had reached out, he would have responded and I just did not trust myself. Fortunately, he had to go back to carry on with work, but my thoughts are now full of him.


To be honest, the experience has given me that butterfly effect that you get when you are in love. Last night after the kids had gone to bed, I laid thinking about his lips and mouth. He used to kiss my neck with such passion, and I just desperately wanted him to kiss me like that again. It had felt actually great, and for some reason my body seemed to remember his touch. Strange but I could barely remember my partner’s touch.


My husband works in the petro-chemical industry which often means that he has to travel. He is in charge of major pipeline installations, so his job can take him away for long periods of time. It is an effectively paid job but I often wonder if it is worth it. He is away so much that I feel that we are not a partnership anymore.


Sometimes, I even wonder how my husband feels about all this. Is he lonely and does he miss me? Perhaps he also sits in bed thinking about someone, that special someone that would have suited him and his lifestyle better. I am now beginning to feel extremely cool with it and somehow I can’t be bothered to love him. It is the most curios feeling and I wonder if he has noticed.