I Grounded my Dad

My dad came to stay with me a couple of weeks back so I took some time off from https://charlotteaction.org/ascot-escorts Ascot escorts. As I have done rather well for myself here at the escort agency in Ascot, I have been able to get my own place. My dad always used to say that I would never be able to afford to buy my own home, but so far he has been wrong. I have bought my own house and I have furnished it as well. My sister and her husband have got a huge mortgage above their heads, but I own my house straight out without a mortgage.

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The funny thing was that my dad was sitting on the sofa with his feet up on the table. My mum has never told him off for doing that, but I have always hated it. As this is my own house, my own personal rules apply. Without giving it a second thought, I told my dad to take his feet of the table. He muttered something about that he was just relaxing but I told him that I would have none of it. This was my house and my rules applied. Well, why shouldn’t I. The truth is that I have worked really hard at Ascot escorts.

My dad loved to see me as the runt of the litter and never thought that I would make anything out of myself. Well he could not have been more wrong. When I was little he was never mean to me, but used to say that I was not the smartest of the bunch. It was true in many ways and I never did that well when I was in school. To be honest, I could not wait to leave home and do something different. Working for Ascot escorts was not my first job, but it has been my best one.

My parents don’t know that I work for Ascot escorts. They live all they way down in Cornwall and I cannot really see any reason for telling them. I am not sure what their reaction would be. My mum would probably get upset, but I am pretty sure that my dad would say something like “ is that all you have made out of yourself”. Well, looking at it, I have done a lot better than my sister who is struggling for everything and cannot even afford a holiday.
I have never offered my family any money. My parents are happy with what they have, but my sister is not very happy at all. She keeps telling me that I should help her out as I love in such an affluent area of the UK. When we were little, she was never prepared to put herself out. I started to work for myself when I was young and had a newspaper round. All of this has been great for me and taught me a lot of values. When I joined Ascot escorts, I took those values with me and started to work hard. If my sister had done the same thing, she would have done better for herself. Life is what you make it. When you are prepared to work hard, you can do really well for yourself.