Selling my sex toy collection

I never thought it would be so difficult to sell my historic sex toy collection. My collection habit started a few years ago, and now I have several hundred sex toys. Most of my sex toys are in their original packaging so they have not been used or damaged at all. I have spent a lot of money on my sex toy collection, but as I am giving up my job for London escorts to finally go to university, I really need to sell to raise some extra cash towards my university fees, It is really as simple as that.

I have spoken to several of the big auction houses in London, and none of them seem to be interested in taking my collection on. As a matter of fact, They have rather annoyed me as most of them laughed at me on the phone. A couple of the girls that I spoke to were really embarrassed as well, and said it wasn’t that sort of thing that they dealt with. Why not? Sex toys are just as popular to collect as other toys.
A couple of my friends here at London escorts have suggested that I sell my collection on eBay but I don’t really want to break it up.

I have also thought about donating my sex toy collection to a museum. There are quite a lot of museums around London, but it seems that none of them have been interested so far. It is all a bit odd if you ask me. Some of the sex toys that I have collected go back a long way, and I would have thought it would be in the interest for some of the museums to have that sort of thing. A couple of the girls at London escorts would be interested in buying some of the pieces, but I am not so sure.

Most of my friends at London escorts would probably use the toys. I am not so sure that I want the toys to be used. The intended purpose of the collection was really to put in on display, so people would get some sort of idea what sex toys have been available throughout history. I am sure that many people would find it interesting, and it would be nice to think that my collection could live on somehow. But, I am not sure that is going ti happen.

My main aim will be to keep the collection together. At the moment, I am busy looking for a museum which may want to take on my collection. I would be happier to donate it than breaking it up. Maybe this is all getting to my head, I have spent so much time working for London escorts that I might have become slightly obsessed with it all. Am I insane for collecting sex toys? Well, I don’t think so but there probably are people around the world how think that I am completely nuts or crazy.