She fascinates me..

I have met a lot of girls at London escorts, but not a girl like Foxy, she just completely fascinates and she is not really what I would have thought a London escorts would be like to be honest. You may think
that allĀ Charlotte action escorts are really sexy girls all of the time, but Foxy is different. Yes, she is super sexy when she dates for the escort agency in London, but when she is in private and at home, she is totally different and that is what interests me.

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We met in private not very long after I had started to hook up with Foxy at London escorts. At the time, she was shopping in a supermarket in London, and her trolley seemed to be packed with cake making stuff. She had about six boxes of eggs, flour and lots of other stuff. I could not make the connection between baking and the escort agency in London, so I asked her what it was all about. It turns out she bakes cakes for other in her spare time, and on occasion she even enters cake baking competitions.

The next time at met Foxy at London escorts, she had backed me a cake just for me. I could not believe the cake when I tasted it, but it was one of the tastiest cakes that I had ever tasted. Not only did it look good, but the taste was just out of this world. Clearly this was a London escort who had some serious hidden talents but did not want to tell anybody at them. Like she said to me, she did not really want what she did for the escort agency in London to clash with her personal life.

Anyway, Foxy and I keep bumping into each other. Last weekend I had to go to a wedding in South London, and I even thought about bringing Foxy from London escorts. However, in the end I was glad that I did not bring her. It turned out that Foxy had baked the cake for the wedding. It was not one of those silly massive ones. Instead it was a really sophisticated looking cake which tasted out of this world. It made me smile when I saw the card, and it said Foxy’s Cakes on it.

I think that I may have a serious chat about Foxy and her cakes. I keep on wondering if she would like to have an investor into her cake making business. Sure, I don’t want her to leave London escorts, but at the same time, I think that this smart blonde has a good head on her shoulders, and would make a good business woman. We do enjoy each others company and I was kind of hoping that we could become a little bit more than just dating companions at the escort agency in London that Foxy works for, and I would just love to taste more of her nice cakes.