She is my obsession

As soon as I met Sara at the London escorts service that I use for all of my business dates, I knew that she was a special girl. She is not as young as the other charlotte London escorts at the agency, and I guess that is what makes her special. The first time that I visited her, she had just finished baking a cake and it made me laugh. She said that her neighbour was having a cake sale in support of some charity, and that she was trying to help out. However, working for London escorts made her kind of pushed for time.
She was so cute as she stood there with the cake in her arms, and looking at me a little bit anxiously. Most of the time I meet my gents London escorts dates dressed some what differently she said referring to her pinnie which had little pigs on it. I told her that I had been on a few personal dates with London escorts, and although I had enjoyed them all, I had the feeling that it was going to something special about this one. Two hours later I left Sara’s London escorts boudoir a happy man and carrying a small bag with two blueberries muffins for my supper. She had baked them this morning and thought I may as well have them. Sara was certainly a very sexy lady, but at the same time there was different about her. We had a quick glass of wine before I left, and she delighted to tell me about the many hobbies that she had when she was not busy at London escorts.
Not only could this lovely young lady bake a delicious cake, but at the same time she enjoyed crocheting. It was something that my dear old mom had been very good at, and I guess like all men, I had finally met a woman who made me feel good about myself. It was not long before I was on the phone to London escorts trying to set up another date with Sara. We hooked up about two nights later for a dinner date, and that feeling came back to me. I was certainly very comfortable around the lovely Sara.
Since then I have seen more of Sara. Not only at London escorts, but in private as well. It seems like our lives are entwined some how. The first time I bumped into her in private, she was cycling on Greenwich common. To my surprise, I soon find out that this lovely young lady lives in Greenwich, and we started to hook up for coffee. Her dream is to open a stall on the indoor market in Greenwich and sell her cakes. I am not sure that I am doing the right thing here, but I think I am going to take a chance and tell Sara that I am in love with her. After all, she is the only girl at London escorts I would love to see every night of the week.