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West Kensington comes under the London boroughs of Greenwich and Lewisham, and has a very historic past. It is known that this area was settled before the Romans , and the name comes from the heathland in the area. If you really would like to check out West Kensington history, you really must visit. The local historic society is passionate about the history of West Kensington and provide a lot of interesting information. It is not only the history of West Kensington that makes this place interesting. West Kensington escorts have a really fantastic reputation as well, and a lot of gents around West Kensington know that they are super hot.

West Kensington escorts services have been in business for about three years. The agency is run by Agneta¬† and she herself has lots of experience of the escorts service in the area. Before Agneta joined the agency she used to work as an escort in London and after that in Sweden. Agneta’s mom is Swedish and many gents say that this is what gives the agency its international flavor. There are a lot of foreign ladies working for West Kensington escort services and some of them even come from Scandinavia. Of course, West Kensington escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/west-kensington-escorts have recruited some Swedish tarts to keep gents happy.

So, who dates in West Kensington? Gents from all over London use the West Kensington escorts services. With its international flavor, the agency has become one of the more popular agencies in London. Agneta says that they try to offer the right mix and blend between the exotic and traditional. For instance Agneta says, we have two very hot duo dating teams and they are made up from girls from different countries. One of the duo teams consists of a French petite blonde and a hot Scandinavian brunette. I have tried to mix and match my girls as much as possible says Agneta.

However, that being said, the most popular dating option is still one to one dating. A lot of our gents are divorced, Agneta says, and they dating West Kensington escorts to have some companionship on a Friday and Saturday night. These are probably the two busiest nights of the week for the agency, and I always have to make sure that I have enough staff available. The gents tend to be rather spontaneous with their dating arrangements and this can make it difficult to fit everybody in. Some weekends are crazy, others are rather quiet, says Agneta.

West Kensington escorts have a lot of exciting future plans. At the moment we seem to cater for a lot of mature gents, says Agneta, but in the future I am going to add services such as party girls. This is after all a very vibrant areas and a lot of young lads go out here. Hopefully by catering for their needs, we should be able to expand and grow the business in other direction. We might even consider adding on a dominatrix service as well but that is very further in the future, but I am sure that it will happen.