Why discussing sex is no longer a taboo

Gone are the days when someone would offer to hold your mouth if you tried to utter anything related to sex. Those are the days sex was considered a taboo to discuss. Ironically, not even adults were allowed by the unwritten laws of that time to dare talk about it yet it they regularly have it. That is to show how much society has to evolve from one stage to the next, thanks to human civilizations. The reason why people never entertained sex talk some years ago might be attributed to the fact that there was least coverage, discussion and scanty information regarding it on media. Remember the internet just gained worldwide popularity a couple of years ago. 

These days, most radio stations host talk shows that focus on sex. The presenters often invite some speakers who are either peer counselors, medical doctors or just people with substantial knowledge in sex matters. In fact, radio talk shows can be credited with breaking the conservative view that sex talk is dirty, immoral and even a taboo. Thanks to the radio talk shows, sex talk is nowadays a normal topic just as any news topic or political argument. Many callers into such talk shows talk about it quite frankly about all topics. Ranging from sex in relationship to the pure companionship service that escorts from Eve escorts provide and therefore have greatly helped end the conservative views amongst some pessimists. 

Television programs are also credited with breaking the view that holding sex talk is a taboo. Just long ago, it was an abomination to discuss sex issues on television. Thanks to the new generation of enlightened people, most television programs now are those that feature sex talks and related content. Perhaps you have watched Tyra Banks on television and seen what talk she holds. One thing is clear: whether you tune in to watch Tyra Banks, Oprah Winfrey or even Rosie O’Donell, expect at one point in time to hear that sex talk that was once considered a taboo. 

As if sex talk is not enough, some of the well known and highly respected celebrities have gone ahead to record sex tapes. There are many leaked sex tapes as well as nude photos of celebrities online. This clearly shows that people are no longer afraid of talking about sex; they are even determined to show themselves live in the act. As to whether it is being brought about by loosening morals or liberty of a generation is still a matter of a hot debate.

Now that there is sex talk everywhere, you ought to ask one question- Is this sex talk really helpful in anyway? Well, yes. According to emotional psychologists, sex talk is important especially among the adolescents since they are very curious about it. They therefore need to talk about it so that they get the facts and not hearsay. It also gives them a rough picture in their mind of what they should expect when having sex. However, many religious leaders still don’t believe that. They are still propagating the outdated view that talking about sex is a taboo.